A City Hall steeped in history

Suwanee City Hall

Suwanee, GA

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    City of Suwanee, GA

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In Suwanee, Georgia the Town Center Park is home to tradition and unity for the residents of this truly historic town. When our team was selected to work with the town on Suwanee City Hall, we knew that we had to keep the values and sense of community for the locals top of mind.

BRPH's design is reminiscent of a historic train station which pays homage to Suwannee's history as a transportation hub in the region. This 24,000 SF facility includes administrative offices, City Council chambers, and a grand two-story central lobby. The generous use of glass in the design, including the interior and exterior walls for the City Council chambers, takes advantage of the view into the park and reflects the City’s desire to do business in a transparent and welcoming environment.

Other luxuries of this design include marble panels, arched windows and a 100-foot-tall clock tower. We're confident these carefully selected design elements will become icons for city residents and the future visitors of Georgia's small town treasure.
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