Portuguese power play.

EFACEC Power Transformer Manufacturing Facility

Rincon, Georgia

  • Client

    EFACEC Power Transformers, Inc.

  • Size

    240,624 sf

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    • Alternative Delivery Services
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Our international reach may extend overseas, but closer to home, we're helping international companies expand in the U.S. Portuguese-based EFACEC Transformers, Inc., which selected a massive 55-acre site in Georgia as the location for its first North American facility, represents the largest single investment by a Portuguese Company in the United States at the time of project completion.

The heavy industrial facility manufactures shell-type, core-type and mobile electrical power transformers for major U.S. utility customers, including Duke Energy, Georgia Power and Florida Power.

The manufacturing area of the building contains a research and development test area that includes a grounding bay for the complete testing and checkout of each transformer prior to customer delivery. To prevent equipment failure in severe thunderstorms and periods of high transient power disturbances, one checkout procedure tests the ability of large substation transformers to handle the effects of lightning strikes.

While the campus is mostly comprised of hundreds of thousands of sf of manufacturing space, there is a smaller adjacent facility that was built to reflect the work taking place within these walls. This stand-alone office building is designed to resemble the shape of a power transformer.

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