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AT&T Mobility

Southeast, United States

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    AT&T Mobility

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    1,200 SF to 10,000 SF

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    • Design Services

AT&T has been connecting consumers with one another for as long as we’ve had the telephone. By adapting to evolving technology, AT&T has successfully grown its operation and provided consumers with the latest products and services in telecommunications. With our help, its storefronts have also adapted to the ever-changing retail environment.

Working with a prototype plan used nationwide, BRPH has designed over 200 AT&T Mobility retail stores throughout the southeast United States. With project sizes ranging from 1,200 SF to 10,000 SF, BRPH aims to help AT&T provide products and customer service for cellular telephone technology to the public in a high tech environment.

As technology continues to evolve, modifications are consistently incorporated into our documents to improve our AT&T facilities nationwide. Some additional projects we have assisted AT&T with include remodels of existing facilities, new facilities, and new free standing buildings to house the retail facilities.

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