NASA awards highest honor to forever remembered design team

The BRPH project team for NASA’s Forever Remembered memorial, an exhibit within the Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, was recently awarded one of NASA’s highest honors.

NASA’s Michael Ciannilli officially presents the group award to the BRPH team.

Coming directly from NASA Administrator and former astronaut Charlie Bolden, the Group Achievement Award recognizes the team for outstanding contributions to honoring the fallen heroes of the Challenger and Columbia tragedies.

The BRPH design team receiving awards included Rob Bartlett, Nick Gigante, Mark Halavin, and Peter Schefcick.

The Forever Remembered memorial is a poignant reminder of those that gave their lives in the pursuit of space exploration. It was designed and built in consult with the families of the lost astronauts and includes personal artifacts displayed in a moving and inspirational format along the narrow corridor walls.

See more of Forever Remembered here.

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