We LEED by example.

More than 40 percent of our professional staff is LEED™ Accredited and we have designed nearly 100 projects to LEED™ standards, including our headquarters, which wasthe first LEED™ certified office building in Brevard County, Florida.

We bring all systems teams to the table on the project onset. This gives them the opportunity to provide input on design before actual construction. This collaborative process informs all team members of the sustainability goals while allowing them to contribute ideas and weigh the viability, cost, and value.

This early project collaboration, minimizes redesign while maximizing a premium solution. This, in turn, translates into energy-saving (and cost-saving) and other sustainable concepts at project outset where they have the greatest opportunity to make an impact.

Not only is this collaboration a basic requirement of the LEED TM certification process, it just makes good design sense.

“BRPH employees are mindful of all the issues. They know how to enhance production capabilities, optimize space in active environments, and they do it quite well.”
Jackie Sullivan, Facilities Planner, Boeing

On an island all its own.

Child Development Center at Naval Station Pearl Harbor

In a state known more for its lush greenery than its ‘green’ buildings, Pearl Harbor has become the proud home of Hawaii’s first LEED Platinum facility on a military base.

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An integrated approach.

Learn how true collaboration can help build consensus among all stakeholders, improve efficiency, and reduce costs—on even the most complex AE projects.

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