Program Management

Leave the heavy lifting to us.

For process equipment and manufacturing equipment design and installation, our clients see us as an integral part of their business operations and commonly hire us to provide these services for them in lieu of their own staff.

Our program managers are trained in procurement, tendering, packaging, bidding, estimating, scheduling, and management of equipment package integration into operations. Day in and day out, we coordinate the procurement, design, and installation of process systems, equipment skids, contractor management, and building materials. We do this while working with parties around the world for each project. In a global marketplace, we keep a pulse on it all.

“BRPH has great people who understand how to be an advocate for the owner. They’re talented, trustworthy and know the nuances as it relates to our industry.”
Jim Behrend, Vice President, Orr Partners

Making reNEWable from old.

Ineos Bioenergy Facility

What if we told you renewable energy had the potential to power your home at no cost? It’s already happening.

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Learn how true collaboration can help build consensus among all stakeholders, improve efficiency, and reduce costs—on even the most complex AE projects.

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