Manufacturing (Aviation)

The five world’s largest aviation companies choose BRPH.

For five decades, we’ve helped shape the sites and facilities where the next generation of commercial and business aircraft are being imagined and produced.

Our team is designing world-class spaces that spotlight the ingenuity of today's aviation industry. From 10,000 square foot operation centers to 1.2 million square foot assembly buildings, we are experts in complex aircraft manufacturing plants for nearly all of the world's largest aviation companies.

“BRPH employees are mindful of all the issues. They know how to enhance production capabilities, optimize space in active environments, and they do it quite well.”
Jackie Sullivan, Facilities Planner, Boeing

Designing the ‘dream’.

Boeing 787 Final Assembly Building

In just 18 months, this ‘future factory’ would become home base for The Boeing Company’s 787 Dreamliner airplane.

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Combining Aviation & Automotive Processes

Learn how the automotive and aviation industries could benefit from an infusion of advanced material processes and manufacturing innovation.

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