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GE. Harris. JetBlue. Northrop Grumman. We’ve brought along a few friends.

When Fortune 500 companies seek to enhance their corporate headquarters or consolidate their facility portfolio, BRPH is there to take them all the way to the finish line.

Presenting designs that push the envelope toward the facility of the future is an area we have perfected through decades of Class-A facility space development. Our corporate clients stay at the head of their industry through new product development and speed to market. We stay at the top of ours by delivering design elements never seen before, using new methods to realize budgetary savings, and making the connection between industry trends and facility longevity.

“BRPH employees are mindful of all the issues. They know how to enhance production capabilities, optimize space in active environments, and they do it quite well.”
Jackie Sullivan, Facilities Planner, Boeing

Windows to the world.

Harris Technology Center

Harris wondered how they would grow to meet the needs of their company and employees. They wanted to advance their culture and create a space that improved collaboration, innovation and speed to market.

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