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A toolbox for seamless design collaboration

Today’s design practices require an adjustment in collaboration efforts. Learn about the tools modern designers need to achieve the same level of communication and coordination used before technology.

Bob Riddell, AIA, NCARB, Director of Architecture

The making of an immersive attraction

The concept of immersive entertainment experiences, or engaging guests through the use of a multitude of sensory touch points, isn’t new. What has evolved is the type of immersion.

Randy Thron, Sr. Vice President, Director of Entertainment

Reclassifying the office 'perk'

​Once referred to as perks, tools like smartphones and tablets, have become business necessities for keeping the lines of communication flowing between employees and clients. These tools are so critical to our firm's success that they are treated as essential overhead budget items.

Janie McDermott, Director of Human Resources

Innovation starts at home

Longevity in business comes with some degree of risk and, as technology continues to evolve, it's often a situation of choosing to become an early technology adapter or being left behind. With a small degree of calculated risk, we chose not only to adapt to several industry trends but to take our approach to the next level.

Brian Curtin, President
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