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4 Key Steps to Successfully Implement Automation

A shift to automation brings a number of challenges and costs, but with the correct team and robust implementation plan, an owner can look forward to positive results in both their facilities and rate of return on their investment.

Matthew Walsh, AIA, NCARB, Project Manager

8 current trends in employee work environments

For the first time ever, there are four generations in the workforce at the same time. So how can your office space meet the needs of everyone? It starts with a smart design.

Carol Ebeling, Director of Interior Design

The Process Behind Composite Built Aircraft

An entirely new fleet of younger, more efficient, longer lasting composite built aircraft are here to stay. Learn more about this super material taking the industry by storm.

Todd Burgess, Senior Industrial Engineer - Subject Matter Expert

Do you know your project’s risk level?

When a new project has been awarded, everyone involved immediately focuses on the good. But who’s watching out for the potential for bad?

Jason Dunn, Director of Project Management, Principal

Making schools safer

School may have been out for the summer but our education team never put down the books. We're doing our part to make schools safer because our children are depending on us.

Bill Row, Director of Education, Principal

How to run your next project like a CEO

As the Project Manager, you’ve been involved in all the aspects of marketing, proposal, and contract negotiation for the project. Now you must plan and execute the project.

Jason Dunn, Director of Project Management, Principal

Site selection becoming bigger part of AEC services

Architecture and engineering firms are routinely part of economic development teams. But in a changing business landscape that is currently ripe for industrial progress, these same design firms are coming to the table as part of the conversation, yet, with a new seat location.

Matthew Craig, Director of Industrial Manufacturing

Launch pad design first line of defense in mishap

Launch vehicle failures are generally not taken into account during the design and construction of launch facilities due to the rareness with which they occur, however, for facilities that will be used for engine testing, considerations for some anomalies are incorporated after performing a risk assessment.

Rich Pruss, Director of Aerospace

Reclassifying the office 'perk'

​Once referred to as perks, tools like smartphones and tablets, have become business necessities for keeping the lines of communication flowing between employees and clients. These tools are so critical to our firm's success that they are treated as essential overhead budget items.

Janie McDermott, Director of Human Resources
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