A mythical battle between Pegasus and Dragon is now ready for showtime

A masterpiece is now complete. Pegasus, a 110-foot bronze structure at Gulfstream Racepark in Hallandale Beach, Florida has come full circle and is now the centerpiece of the growing casino and racing venue. This feat places it as the second tallest bronze structure in the United States, coming in just below the Statue of Liberty.

In this unique assignment, we had to determine how best to support a bronze statue that features a Pegasus stomping the head of a dragon who is lying in a pool of water. The pool is intended to be a pond with approximately 400,000 gallons of water and has fountains shooting water into the air all around the dragon. The Pegasus and dragon were built overseas and then shipped to South Florida last year.

The National Engineers Council recently took notice of the impressive structure and named our team as award recipients at its annual banquet.

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